1 turning on, who the H*ll knows!

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Morning all!! I know I know I know, it’s been a while since we’ve last spoke. But here’s the deal, Parker is just doing the most nowadays, and I’ve got a regular job, regular wife, school, and not to mention, Rich Dad Society (more about that later).

So what have we missed? Well, Parker turned 1, moved into the toddler room at Montessori , drinking that regular milk, pooping pellets (sometimes), calling all dogs “Brie”, putting dog food in her mouth AND in their water bowl, trying to figure out how to open the baby gate, still sleeping in our bed, turning around in said bed in the middle of the night, eating Vienna sausages like they’re going out of style, hanging out with other kids named after soccer players, throwing things downs the stairs, eating dirt, chalk, cicada’s, and a whole host of other non-food items, and last but not least, working on just being an all-around awesome daughter.

So, as you can see, our life is pretty crazy. I went over to Money Bags and Papa Johns (her grandparents) on my lunch break yesterday, and the house was DESTROYED…still clean by traditional standards, but it’s clear that Parker runs the show wherever she goes. I looked at Money Bags, and she just said, “she’s like this all the time Miles, I’ll just pick it up once you guy’s leave”. At that moment it hit me, this is going to be our lives for the next few yearsL. Between our houses looking like we’ve been robbed of all of our invaluable items, and her grandparent’s looking like they’ve just given up on life for the hours she’s there, we need each other MORE THAN EVER!!!  God knows if it was just Whitney and I raising this 1 year HEAVENLY monster, we’d be at our whit’s end (see what I did there?) But I say that to say this, she’s brought so much joy to our lives! When she’s not terrorizing us, she’s learning how to give us actual kisses goodbye, and inviting us into her princess castle! I mean, how can you beat that? I just love being this girl’s dad.

I look at her sometimes and try to figure out how am I going to keep her as innocent as possible? How will I keep her from NOT sneaking out? I want to be a “Yes Sir/No Sir” dad, but I don’t want it to be where she needs to sneak around either. I want to honestly and openly talk to her about the world; the good and the bad. I want her to come to me about boys. It’s weird, but I want to have the birds and the bees talk with her; I feel like my perspective will be the everyday/real world interaction she’ll encounter. Her mom, bless her soul, will give her the “wait until marriage/prince charming/hold your heart close talk, and that’s fine, but as a guy, we’ll say whatever it takes to dip our Oreo’s in a nice glass of milk…. Sorry guy’s the truth has been revealed. I’ve been in “love” a thousand times over when the situation calls for it. But again, I want Parker to feel like no man can talk her out of her decisions, and if she makes a decision that she thinks I’m not going to approve of, I want her to STILL come to me. I want her to know that life is always going to be about trial & error.

Hopefully, that’s like 20 years down the line, but each day that she looks more and more like me, the more I realize it’s probably not going to happen that way. She’s like the sour patch commercial honestly, she has the purest intentions, but the method is all wrong!

You see how today’s writing is all scattered right? Pretend this write up is Parker, and your mind is a nice clean living room with everything in its place….now it’s a disaster. If we are keeping score for the last year, Parker- 10 Daddy -2. I’ve earned 1 point for effectively getting her to bed better than her mom! Clearly I’m still losing in everything else though!