Adventures in Fatherhood: Vol. II



Sometimes when you pray for something, you get it. When that happens, you must remind yourself of that. I prayed for a better life, and God provided me with a wife who wouldn’t settle for mediocrity. I prayed for better finances, and God provided me with a position that required more responsibility. I prayed to be successful, and successful people were placed in my life by God as a blueprint. I was never just GIVEN what I prayed for. Rather, I was given certain tools. I was placed in certain situations or placed around certain people that allowed my prayers to come to fruition. This is what I love about life; the opportunities each day brings.

I prayed to become a family man. However, I didn’t want to give up what it mean to be “Miles”. You can’t be a family man, and a bachelor lol. So, the sacrifice I made was well worth it. Pushing pink cars and playing in doll houses came with the prayer. Getting “stuck” in her my daughter’s chair and making her help me feels better than waking up hungover trying to remember how cool the night before was. My daughter letting me know that I’m tired and allowing me to nap in her bed is better than any drink special. Being a family man is just the best! How do I become an even better family man?  People have always said two is better than one. Two minds, two bank accounts, two cars, TWO KIDS, two feet, two arms, two, two two.

Oh, you saw that?

Yes, I bolded two kids, because, well…. I’m becoming a dad for the second time! How awesome is that? Two chances to be an awesome dad for two (what I can only assume) amazing children! I prayed for another child, and God provided the time for practice (see what I did there) lol.

You know what else two kids are going to provide? Two times the experiences! Will I love one more than the other? Will I discipline different? Will I get that boy that I’ve prayed for? This isn’t really about anything except my excitement. I’m anxious to watch Parker be the best big sister ever. I’m excited to watch her share her infinite wisdom, and tricks of the trade. I’ll make this post a bit of a cliff hanger, only because my excitement has had the best of me for quite some time!

We’ll have plenty of time to dive into my thoughts about how this will change any and everything we currently thought we knew about parenthood, but for now I’m just happy to hear “daddy” for the first time…again!

If you thought “Adventures in Fatherhood: Volume I” was something special…. You ain’t seen nothing yet!