Always Remember



In eight days, it’ll be the one year anniversary of the day I almost died. Literally. I don’t mean one of those over exaggerated, “OMG if that happened to me, I would just die” scenario’s. I mean if I didn’t go to the hospital at 4 am, and have the emergency surgery required, I would be DEAD…..END OF STORY.

That’s a headline that boggles my mind with every milestone Parker reaches. She’s 18 months, she’s sassy, she’s beautiful, she’s everything I didn’t know I wanted as a father, and she almost didn’t get the chance to show me that. All the “New Year, New Me’s” wouldn’t have made a difference then right?

I took Christmas 2016 for granted. Parker didn’t do much, we just held her and laughed at everything. I caught myself saying, “When she’s older, I’ll really enjoy holidays with her”. I say that to say this. Live your life! Enjoy all aspects of it; the ups, downs, rights, wrongs, and everything in between. I NARROWLY escaped missing out on that. Avoiding death wasn’t on my New Year’s resolution for 2017. I had a pretty good list, and that WAS NOT included. I hadn’t had any issues that caused me to worry about my health “overall”. But I thank the Lord for bringing us through that! If you read my post about Christmas this year, that was only a small glimpse into what I was feeling. When I started 2017, I wasn’t trying to do anything special. I wanted to get in shape, but not because I had health issues. I just wanted to look more and more like Morris Chestnut. Nothing wrong with that right?!!?

Today’s post isn’t really anything of value per say. It was just a moment for me to reflect on what could have been, but also for those who read these. Thanks! I don’t know if they help any new dads out there, or any parents trying to navigate parenthood. I was just reflecting on how awesome a year it’s been for me and my family!

Kiss your kids, love your spouse, value time with your family. The unknown can throw one hell of a monkey wrench in your plans!

New year New me….Nah playa, New year same you, different focus!

Happy 2018 people!