And so it begins...



The holidays are quickly approaching, and I couldn’t be more excited. Remember when I started this, I told you, I’d tell the truth. So here it is. I don’t want to drive anywhere with my daughter…..

I’m fine driving her here and there. I’m okay with store runs, going to the in-laws, and the occasional visit with friends. But, here’s the problem. My family lives 4+ hours away. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want her to have the same relationship with both grandparents, but damnit this distance! This is the first year, and I’m TERRIFIED of driving with this cargo. I feel like I’m a great driver, but I can’t speak for the other holiday drivers. What if some jerk cuts me off? I remember I was coming from football practice with my dad one day, and a semi almost hit us. He turned around and followed that truck to the gas station and let that guy have it. “I’ve got my son in the car, you could’ve killed us.” I’ve never forgotten that. He may not remember, but I certainly do. (Thanks POPS!) I was like 14 though. My daughter is like 4 months. I don’t want our first travel experience to be like that. I talked to my mom yesterday, and I know she said, “It’s okay, if you don’t make it, it’s the first year” but, I can’t do that to them. I know that I have to make every effort to get home. Now, I’m not dealing with weather, but if the weather is fine, I have to get over that fear, and just drive. Drive like Ms. Daisy, but drive never the less!

Now, onto happier news! I bought my daughter her first gift. I was pursuing online and found a gift that I thought she would like. I bought it, and THEN told my wife. For those who know me, I usually ask first because I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to a baby. I’m still trying to figure out what size clothes to put on her. BUT, I did it!!! I get it now, all the “extra money” you had goes to little odds and ends for your kids. You know what though, I felt really proud when I hit the checkout button! I mean, obviously the “new” will wear off, and pump the breaks in the future on wants/needs. Yesterday though, I felt like a million bucks buying baby girl that little gift.

So, to wrap this up; I’m terrified of driving to see my parents for Christmas, only because I can’t fathom the idea of something happening on the road. Also, I bought my daughter her first Christmas gift and felt like a super hero for doing so. It was a book by the way, so…there’s that.