The Joys of Cluster Feeding....

Parker H.


At 12:39 pm on July 19th, my life was forever changed. I transformed from Miles, to "papa". That's when little Parker was born. I could tell you that instantly I felt different, but I promise to always tell you the truth when it comes to my journey as a first time father. I felt a pressure like I'd never felt before. Was my current job good enough? Did I ask the right questions? Did my wife and I have enough money saved (there's no set amount btw)? Is she going to like the room we spent days setting up for her? The list goes on. However, none of the questions running through my mind would get an immediate answer. After all, babies can't talk. The room was filled with love, tears from both sides of the family, and all I could think about is what will I mean to her. You hear about being a daddy's girl, and she'll have you wrapped around her finger, but I wasn't worried about any of that. I was thinking about what I would be giving up. A completely selfish thought, but like I told you, I promise to tell the truth. Within the next two days, Parker would show me EXACTLY what I was giving up.

"Cluster Feeding" 

For my first timers, look that up. For those who already know.....Why wouldn't you say anything? Parker was doing so good with breast feeding. She took to those nips like a real champ, but on night 2, sweet baby Parker turned into something I wasn't prepared for. Sleep was something I NEVER thought I'd want so much. I'd never felt so defeated as a man, or felt so helpless as a spouse. I'm convinced Cluster Feeding is straight from the devil's mind lol. Notice I never told you exactly what we went through that night. I honestly want you look it up, and then imagine the worst night you've had in your life and multiply by 10, then add 1. That's how bad cluster feeding was for me. So YES it's true. The first thing I realized I'd given up was my sleep. Parker 1, Papa 0. Stay tuned for more adventures in Parker's world.