Change is coming...(Prelude to a real post)



The month of June is almost halfway over, and here I am without a single blog entry completed. What can I say, except I’m consistent at being inconsistent!

Seriously though, it’s been a month of highlights, lawn care, and unfinished projects at the House of Huddleston. Let’s start with the highlights:

This month we get to celebrate all the wonderful FATHERS!!!

Parker started her pre-school summer camp, and to be honest, it SUUUUCCCCKKKEEEDDD not being present for her first day. I don’t know how big of a deal it was for other dads, but when my wife sent me her “first day” pictures, I could’ve cried right at my desk. If you’ve been following these writings for the last two years, then you’ll appreciate the journey from day one; if you’re new, “Hey, girl, Hey” as they say! P-money had her backpack on, new outfit from grandma, and a photo session on the front porch with mommy. I missed it all. But soon enough, daddy will be experiencing moments like these far too often, and mommy will be on the other side. They took a “field trip” around the Strother District (My LS people know about it) and got to visit animal farms right here in town. Imagine my surprise knowing the little gems we can explore in our own backyard! You know what? Once she’s done with her 8 week program, I’ll take a deep dive into my real feelings. For now, just know she’s getting big, staying sassy, and causing all the emotions to rise to the top!

Two of my good friends (Brent& Kyle) both welcomed baby boys into the world…ON THE SAME DAY!!! Brent is currently talking about his experience as a new dad on his blog site

Thanks to this good ole Midwest weather, I’ve been cutting the grass weekly (should’ve bought a ride mower), but there’s something about the green build up on a pair of lawn shoes that keep me going!

Lastly, there’s a railing with one full coat of paint on it, while the other is complete. What can we say, it’s hard to paid with a two year old “helping” all the time?

I know some of you all want more format when it comes to these writings, but this is as formatted as it gets. I wish I wasn’t serious with that last statement lol. I write the way my brain works, and often it feels like it’s short circuiting!

The next time you hear from me, it’ll be about how I left Corporate America to live in the wild; otherwise known as being a Stay-at-home-Dad.

For those fluent in the language of love, I’ll leave you with this…. Ciao Bella