Everything is as it should be


I hadn’t written anything this month, and we’re at the halfway point. I’ll be honest with you guys life is going GREAT! Parker is telling us “NO” All the time, she’s tooting on her mom regularly, she’s going to adult parties with her fake ID, and buying rounds of shots for all the kids! I mean, she’s probably accomplished more at 21 months that most do in 21 years!

Just kidding, I haven’t found a fake ID yet, but all the other stuff is true! Seriously, it’s been amazing just being her dad! She has the cutest way of saying “I Love You”. It’s like her voice hits another octave on the “you” part (probably got that from me, my falsetto game is pretty much out of this world)! She knows her animal sounds, she knows her name, she knows how to say Miles (even though it sounds like mauls). She’s just the best in my opinion.

We finally got a chance to go home for the holiday’s (illness ran rampant at the top of the year). All of her Christmas gifts were still waiting for her, packed away in a corner. She had a BLAST. Personally, my favorite moment was watching my mom tear up as Parker rode her four wheeler down the hall. I knew she was dying to shower her with gifts! Honestly, all of it was great. She walked around like she owned the place, played with play-doh, played with the family dog Monica (who unfortunately had to go to doggy heaven on Saturday night). She just got to spend some good quality family time, and I loved every bit of it.

Let me see, Mommy and Daddy had some adult time in New Orleans, which was WONDERFUL. However, I’ll admit to missing that little girl something fierce on the 4th day. I thought I’d never become that parent who always wanted their kid around on trips, but hell….I’m a dad, and a dad’s gotta do it lol.

What did it miss? Oh… She’s out here giving boys rides in her Jeep Wrangler, and letting them drive. Obviously, I’m going to cut that short real quick. Did I mention she’s waving bye and trying to give them kisses? I didn’t? Well, yea, she’s doing that too. I’m working on not getting too worried about it. If she get’s uglier, we’ll be fine, but I don’t think the good Lord has that in his plans. So, I’ll be registering for an AirSoft Gun at our local Walmart (Do you have to register for those?)

Parker is full of life, and I think that’s the hardest thing about today’s post. There’s so much going on, and I’m there for all of it. I mentally have a million things I could talk about, but I’m more focused on just being a “Present Parent”. So I’ll end with these words a good friend of mine Zac wrote for a song, “Everything is as it should be, I’m just freaking out” Except…. I’m not freaking out this time!