Forget the outfits, Diapers will do just fine!


I can't imagine fellas getting all worked up over newborn clothes. We try to be as logical as possible. Sure we reluctantly walk through the stores and agree that "this is SOOOO cute" but honestly, for the first 3 months, does it even matter? Parker has done 3 things since she was evicted from the womb; eat, sleep, and sh***. So my question is, why dress her up to remove all her clothes every time I change her diaper? Apparently, poop has no problem leaving the diaper world and traveling up spinal cord highway! On the poop journey, it ALWAYS seems to get on said "cute outfit" (onesie's count) and render it useless. So this morning it hit me; change her, remove close, DON'T put a new outfit on, and just wrap her back up. This keeps me from putting the washer setting on "mini", keeps her from crying when I change her outfit, and gets me back into the bed quicker. LOGICALLY, this makes the most sense. I mean, "Is I'm right, or Is I'm correct? (insert birdman voice)

Don't get me wrong, I get the allure of dressing a real life barbie doll in an outfit for showcase purposes, but who's seeing it? My wife and are are the only ones seeing her 90% of the time. This ONLY applies to newborns, and while on maternity leave. I'm not saying have a 6 month old out here naked in these suburban streets. I PERSONALLY can just look at her in a diaper. I know Parker can't tell the difference, and if she can, she hasn't verbally expressed her concerns.  Even when we take pictures of her in said outfits, she's SLEEPING. We spent what on this outfit? $25....she better open them eyes, give a wink and a smile. If you're gonna pose for pictures with those beautiful eyelids closed, we'll get you a diaper with a design on it, and call it "the minimalist".

Alright, well after I changed her, wrapped her up, and put her back down, she was ready to eat. I woke Whitney up and she whipped out the breakfast buffet. She said "Can you grab her something out of the newborn drawer?" I said no, to which she replied "I'm not putting her in the bed with no clothes and just a blanket." So, I slowly went to the newborn drawer and grabbed her a cute printed onesie that I'm sure she'll have a blowout in later today.  Parker 2 - Papa 1