Have Fun at Work....Losers

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His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. There’s vomit on his t-shirt already, which daughter projected? He’s nervous, but on the surface,  he looks calm and ready to watch Vampirina, but he keeps on forgetting, he’s got two girls and Viv is the only calm one sitting. It’s Parker with the questions, and the best attempts to not listen…I hope that was all read to the background music of “Lose Yourself”, otherwise it makes no sense!

Welcome to the first day of Stay-at-home-dad life! My sign on bonus was about 20 extra minutes of sleep, and the promise that I get the opportunity to keep my daughters alive from 8-5 for the next 10 years. I think corporate really messed up with this new hire because I sold them on the potential with no previous experience…SUCKERS!!

Here’s my expectation. It’s lengthy, so bear with me on this one. I expect…NOTHING. I’m going to get woken up every morning like it’s the first day on the job. I’m always going to be the new guy in the office troubleshooting a problem, and I’m completely okay with that. I’m so excited to be with our girls as the grow, and as much as they think they’ll learn from me, I’ll be learning ten times more from them. I’m going to be the king hair-do’s, fashion will always be…personal opinion, and as long as I remember to feed them lunch, it’ll always be very boring! But you know what? Daddy will always be here to deliver! I’m not promising to raise the next world leaders, but I’m going to do everything in my power to let them know this world is theirs for the taking. If they want to read books every day ALL day, then it’s the library. If they want to eat junk food for a whole day, we’ll make a run to the store, and pull a mattress into the living room. The days are filled with unknown, and if I can remember to just be okay with not knowing what to do sometimes, then each day will end exactly as I thought it would…unexpectedly.

This is the chance of a lifetime, and we’re so blessed to be in a position where one could choose to stay home. My wife LOVES her career, and I never would’ve asked her to choose. I’m a free spirit, who never thought the corporate 9-5 was my end game, and just when we were unsure of the future; Boom, our company Rich Dad Society starts to really see some excellent opportunities open for us. This gives me the ability to explore the real potential while loving on my girls in real time! I’m not seeing the world through rose tinted glasses, but I am seeing the bright side of doing something my parents didn’t have the option to do; pick up, drop offs, afternoon park trips, and ice cream sandwiches on the patio.

I use to envy kids who got home, and their mom/dad was already there, or didn’t have to catch the bus because their parents were in the pick up line. I always asked myself, “What do they do all day?”

I’ll keep you updated on that.