Home for the Holidays


“Thanks for not making us travel this year.” That sentence, followed by a kiss was all the validation I needed.

As a new dad it’s hard leaving “old” traditions behind to start new with your family. Prior to Parker, we did the MOST. We would visit Whitney’s family on Christmas Eve, then make the 4-5 drive home to see my family by Christmas Day. It was exhausting, and we wouldn’t have time for us, but we wanted to be with family. So, we did it! 2-3 years of just making it work. But now, there’s Parker.

We talked for months about what we would do. Whitney’s parents are in town (read previous post) so Christmas Eve would be untouched. What about my family? How would we make it work? When it was just the two of us, it was crazy enough. Let’s throw a 1 year old into the mix and REALLY have a party!!! Back and forth, back and forth, “what if we do this?” “Can you schedule this day off?” For me it was a nightmare. I wanted two things, Parker to enjoy her first “big girl Christmas” and see my family.

We’ll bypass all the “making of a Christmas story” and get right to what happened. We’ll see my parents in January. I was a little bummed because “tradition” was broken, but then I realized that I was being selfish. I mean, I have a whole family to think about now. In thinking selfishly, I realized I was neglecting our own tradition. Parker deserves to be at home Christmas Day, not traveling. My mom, as hard as it probably was to agree, agreed! I’m the guinea pig. New family, away from home, how’s this gonna work? We could make the trip and quickly leave, or we can adapt to the new life that we’ve been blessed with. I’m sure she’d love seeing her little “wide face” but not for the little amount of time it would’ve been. So instead of just 1 short trip, she’ll get a full weekend to spoil squishy and let Parker bond with her “glam-ma” it’s change for both of us, but in the end it’s about the QUALITY time she’ll get.

But here’s what I got to witness this year. Parker and her mom taking a GREAT nap on the couch together, flour on her face from “baking cookies”, dancing to Christmas tunes, and her playing in her new kitchen. I got to see a new family coming into their own making Christmas dinner, and watch my baby girl loving on “oosie” and “lella”. We watched the best Christmas trilogy of all (DIE HARD) and are until our hearts were content.


In letting go of old traditions, we started new ones. So, in response to my Wife saying “thank you” I give you the response we’ve heard all too often as of late, “you’re welcome” in the best Maui voice I can muster!