It took a village

Parker & Whitney

Parker & Whitney


The saying was never more applicable than last Friday, August 19th. Ironically, Parker would also be 1 month old on this day! My wife complained of stomach pains the night before, but chalked it up to general soreness from her C-section. However, that wasn't the case and after a week in the hospital, we were finally released.

That's not the focal point, but for those who sent up prayers and positive energy, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! So, this is where the village came in. I was with Whit ALL DAY, EVERYDAY leaving P all alone. Shout out to her parents and sister for stepping in and watching her night and day. Teamwork at its finest. Waking up at 2 in the morning for a newborn was something I'm sure they thought they were done with, but I thank them for devising a plan for P; no questions asked. It made being away from her a lot easier, and allowed us to focus on Whit and her recovery.

I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise, but the idea of family has changed so much over the years. You can't expect people to change their routine to accommodate what your family is going through anymore. If it fits into their schedule, they'll, "see what they can do".

The same goes for friends. Which is why I want to publicly say thank you to our friend Genea. When Whit decided she needed to go to the ER, she was number 2 on the call list; right after her mom. She woke up at about 6:30 am and came right over. Knowing Whit's mom was coming, she didn't question why she ALSO had to come over. She just hopped in her Rogue and came through like a champ! She also took our dog in for the week, which was a huge help to Whit's mom. On top of that, she was at the hospital with us everyday, didn't matter if it was during her lunch break, or after work; she came to be next to her friend. I'm so thankful for that. People just don't care like she does. Calls are great, but TIME is the most valuable thing someone can give, and she gave generously. She allowed me to run errands, go and grab Parker for visits, just a drive for a few minutes helped. Between my in-laws and Genea, a lot of my fears never materialized to anything more than a back of the mind "what if".

As a father, you're given the keys to the head of the household, but are never told when those keys are needed. The key that was opening the front door is now the key driving your wife to the ER. That key then turns into a spare for your family to get a base for the car seat, or more clothes for your daughter. The daily routine changes from focusing on the baby, to how do I get my wife to the bathroom with a tube down her nose, and an IV in her arm. From seeing my daughter whenever I want, to whenever the schedule allows. It's a 180, and completely scary to think about doing all over again. 

This was a trying week. A week that tests your boundaries mentally and physically. It goes to show that it takes more than just the creators of the child to maintain, it takes everyone that child has around them. From little cousins holding her while her aunt gets a bottle ready, to grandma waking up every hour to soothe a crying baby, to a best friend making our life her life and great aunts driving two hours to relieve previously mentioned grandma. It truly does take a village, and right now our village is STRONG!