It's been a rough one....

Hello all, It’s been a while I’ll admit! I was waiting for something worth writing about, and it hit me like a ton of bricks lol. At first it was going to be about my daughter saying “dada” for the first time! But, I never got around to writing about that. Then, it was going to be about her rolling over during the Christmas holiday. Didn’t get around to that either. FINALLY, after taking a full month to blog again, it’s going to be about how I had an EMERGENCY surgery that left me in the hospital for eight days; one of those being the day she turned 6 months old (insert sad face).

So, here’s the thing. Remember when my daughter was about one month old, my wife ended up in the hospital? Well, life is funny. She and I ended up having the same abdominal surgery, and staying in the same hospital room! What I’m thankful for (if that’s the right choice of word) is that our daughter is too young to understand what we were dealing with. When she’s older we’ll obviously tell her about it, and it’ll be funny at that time, but this has been the scariest six months we’ve ever dealt with. On top of the normal worry that you have for your spouse, you have the worry of your child. Is it too much on her grandparents? Will my wife be able to take care of everything? How long will the recovery be? You know, life questions. Thankfully, everything is okay. The grandparents were AMAZING! My wife was a CHAMP through all of this, and my daughter smiled every day! When I went home (for the first time) I was eating dinner, and just started crying out of nowhere. But, I had a very good reason.


That question was never applicable than during that dinner. What would/could people say when it came to Miles the father? Parker wasn’t old enough to have any values, or morals instilled in her yet. All that could have been said was, “I think he would have been a good dad.” What a heavy load that was. I hadn’t done anything yet. She hasn’t learned to say her ABC’s, write her name, say “I love you poppa” any of that. What would my legacy have been? That’s why I cried. I didn’t realize the severity of the surgery until a few days later, and had we not went to the emergency room that morning, it’s VERY likely that I wouldn’t be here typing any of this. My story would’ve ended with trying to be a good husband and just learning what it meant to be a father. It was a lot to try and wrap my head around. I thank God every day for allowing me to continue learning to be a father. I’ll keep you updated with what my legacy is. I’ve got a facetime date with my daughter!