The message is clear. Parker does what she wants!

First off, sorry our model Parker couldn't sign autographs this weekend (unless you wanted it written in snot). This experience has been nothing short of amazing. A chance to see the hard work my wife and I put into RDS pay off! The response was amazing, and the message couldn't have been received any better! I feel like women wanted the men in their lives to wear it even more because of what it represents. Who knew that an idea spawned from a lack of options could grow into what we're witnessing? Let's be honest, I DID. I knew my wife wouldn't let this dream die once she realized what I wanted to convey. She's my my partner in all aspects, good decisions and bad!

I also want to thank our family for helping us get ready for this event. We couldn't have done it without you. (LITERALLY, Parker wouldn't let us get anything done lol). Just goes to show how important the village is. No one person can go at life alone. I know it's suppose to be a blog, but I just needed to get my thank you's out.

Now, let's talk about dog food and why her fascination upsets me. DAMNIT, I wanna eat dog food and not be judged! I wanna hear, "oh he's just exploring". What do I get though? "You're gross". Can we say "DOUBLE STANDARD" or "AGISM"? She's been out here eating leaves, wood chips, flooring particles, flipping over dog bowls filled with water. It's all cute for her. Not so much for me though. WEAKSAUCE. I wanna know what it taste like and NOT be judged lol. 

What else is happening? Oh yea, we got a dog....well, I was tricked into getting a dog. Seriously, the dog was coming home and I was just gonna have to adjust. So, more on that in the future blog about "a girl and her dog". It'll be your stereotypical pick up poop, slap said dog in the face with bottle and laugh hysterically.

Where was I? Who knows anymore. I'll leave you guys with this. Find a partner who supports the dream, but gives you the tools to make it a success. Those tools could be words of affirmation, their friends network, their time, whatever they have to help make it work. Unfortunately, the odds are against you from the beginning in any start up. With the right person by your side, the life/work balance becomes a little more manageable!