More than a Hashtag



In the age of social media, our lives are often judged by what we decide to show. What we decide to show is then categorized by how we decide to present it, and who gets to see it. Basically, we show what we want to the groups we want to see it. A whole new way of being at the cool table! The most introverted of people can now present themselves as an extrovert by taking a selfie the right way. I know, it’s crazy right? But why go through these extremes? How hard is it to be the hashtag you say you are?

As this relates to #growingupparker I try to be as #honest as possible. When you see #daddydaughtertime it’s not me texting while she’s running around and I’m not engaged. That’s me and her. That’s pony rides in the living room, blueberries on the island, kisses on my head, claps for closing gates, and high fives for hugs. It’s just us being in that moment. I don’t do it thinking how cool it’ll look on social media; I do it because I can’t remember those moments growing up. In no way am I saying it didn’t happen; I just don’t remember.

Maybe if memories were as accessible then as they are now, this wouldn’t even be a question, but that’s not the case. Anyway, back to the importance of being real. As a father, we represent who we want our sons to grow up and be, or who we want our daughters to be with(if they do chose). It’s more than #cooldad or #raisingqueens. I want to believe that everyone is REALLY OUT HERE doing it, but I also know people.

So, I’ll leave you with this. When you see me doing anything with Parker, know that I do it because I want her to know that daddy didn’t start loving her when she got older. Daddy didn’t only hangout with her for the gram. Daddy was there because he wanted you to have what he can’t remember having. #micdrop #daddyout #raisingherright