She had the cider....


Today our baby is 2 months old!!! She’ll be 9 weeks tomorrow, and to say it was smooth sailing would be the biggest lie ever told. We’ve had an extra week in the hospital, an explosive crying episode, sleep schedule disruption, and just generally being overwhelmed by making sure we don’t screw this whole parent thing up. I use to always tell my friends that whatever the woman did to get the man, they should do to keep the man (same goes for us fellas). A baby will throw a HUGE monkey wrench into the philosophy…actually, that’s more of the physical; I’m here to focus on the mental. A baby takes ALL THE ATTENTION away from us. I hear I love you so much in our house, and it feels good to hear. However, I’ve noticed those are no longer being said to me. I hear it, look, and see my wife just wide eyed and huge smile on her face; but she’s staring at Parker. I’ll admit, sometimes I feel jealous, other times, it makes my heart melt. I mean, this was everything I wanted right? A wife who showers a child with unconditional love, talks to her, makes her feel like she’s the best thing since sliced bread (she is), etc.. Before the baby, I was the spoiled one; not in like a fetch me a pail of our finest ale, but like “hey boo, you need anything type of spoiled. To some degree I still am, but I know her focus is, and should be on our daughter. I’m grateful for that. You have to remember what it took to even get you that baby though; it was just us, laughing, movies, bars, and getting home at 2am. Doing the “couple thing” created the “family thing”. I said all of that to say this. Don’t get caught up in the baby. The baby is fine, everything is going to be new and exciting for years to come. If someone says “Hey, I’m watching your baby for a few hours, take your wife out on a date” you do it. That’s what we did!

This was our first time without her. 100% honesty here. It felt weird, but it also felt good. Not looking in the rear-view mirror to make sure she’s okay, listening to the music loud (like I like it), having my wife sit in the front seat (she’s been acting weird about that lately), and just being the two of us; if only for a little bit. We went to this pizza place she had been talking about, and it was AWESOME (FOOD WAS GREAT). You want to know what the best part was. Listening to her tell me how good the peach cider was! No, seriously it was her telling me how happy she was with how our lives were turning out. We talked about work, we talked about Rich Dad Society, WineShop @ Home (PLUG PLUG) and just about everything except how we thought Parker was doing. I didn’t check my phone, and honestly, I don’t know if she did either. Just a good old fashion date night. Just the two of us. Miles and Whitney; not mama and papa.

To top the night off we got crazy and went to Target!!! Didn’t have to get the car seat out, didn’t have to adjust the basket; just got out the car, and walked right in. We picked up a few miscellaneous items, and talked about how good that pizza was. It’s regular stuff, but its stuff that we had forgotten how to do with just us in the short time since our life changed. To me, it just reestablishes the “us” before the baby. It makes me feel better when I hear I love you, and it’s not directed to me as much anymore. I know she loves me, so don’t think I question that. But I went from hearing it, and knowing I was the ONLY one it was directed to, to looking to see if she even knows I’m in the same room (she does btw). So fellas, maybe she doesn’t need the date night as often. Maybe she’s completely content with it being you, her, and the baby until the end of time. But, YOU need the date night just so can be selfish and take up all her attention. If the night ends up with the two of you practicing the karma sutra, that’s awesome; but if it just ends with the freshman first date kiss on the cheek, hold on to that. It should mean a bit more to you now!