S.H.*.T Happens



Before your feathers get all ruffled, just hear me out!

Now that we’ve got that settled, we can move forward with what’s been going on around the Huddleston Compound (as if we have a huge house or something; we don’t.) Parker is doing everything in her power to stay an only child, and if I’m being honest with myself, she’s making quite the compelling argument. For every wonderful thing she does, she’ll do something to completely undermine it. She called me a “Hottie” the other day, and then slapped me in the face as I slept. I can’t be too mad at her though. Everyone who has been forced to call me their friend, knows that I’m all about “balance”. I’ll compliment you, just to cut you down the next day! I totally understand what, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” means now.

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, we had our first family vacation this year!! An awesome experience in Florida is probably one of the biggest understatements you’ll hear from me. Personally, A week on the beach was nice, but what it did to Parker was MAGICAL! She takes after her mother for sure in that category. From the moment she woke up, to the second she went to bed, all we heard was “beach this, and beach that”. I won’t go into too much detail about Florida, because you’ll hear more about it via something special ***Hint, Hint*** ***Wink, Wink*** ***Grin, Grin***.

Let’s fast forward past our trip, past my sister’s graduation party (CONGRATS MEIH) and let’s get back to our everyday lives. Parker is at the age where she’ll sit on her potty while I’m in the office, and just watch me. Sometimes she’d take her diaper off, other times, she’ll just sit there and stare at me. Honestly, it’s a little creepy how much enjoyment she gets out of sitting there. But, then again, she is my daughter through and through! However, the last couple weeks she’s been getting prepped at school because she’ll be going to the big kid’s room. We won’t be doing a “graduation” ceremony, but her mom probably will cry when she drops her off…full disclosure, I will too. Back to prepping, they said as soon as she gets to the class, they’ll start potty training. In my head, that’s perfect. We’ll be saving so much on diapers, which allows me to buy more golf stuff (Yea, I’m basically in the PGA now after only 3 months of playing the game.) Anyway, she’s starting to verbalize when she needs to go to the bathroom, “Parker go potty” sounds great! My problem is this, potty only means #1. For whatever reason, #2 doesn’t get the same respect so we’re in a battle right now. It’s safe to say, we’re losing that battle EVERY SINGLE TIME. I’ll spare all of the specifics, because we’ll be playing catch up for a while, but know this: it’s a terrible idea to let your daughter walk around the house naked when she realizes she has to poop. I can 100% guarantee that you’ll find an unwanted gift on your floor, or in your vent before you can carry her to her mini office.

That’s life right? There a ton of thing you can be prepared for. You can read all the how-to books in the world about potty training, or you can just rip the diaper off and pray her little legs are fast enough to get to the toilet. Her legs aren’t fast enough obviously lol. Either way, it’s coming out. It’s the perfect metaphor for life. Prepare yourself as best you can, but remember that when you see a turd that looks like it came out of an adult sitting in the middle of your living room floor; S.H.*.T happens! Just have the tools ready for a proper clean up.

Stay tuned! It’s about to get REALLY REAL…