The ultimate juggling act...


Hello all! I know it’s been a minute since you’ve heard about poop, pee, lil P, or our little village. Rest assured that all is well, and the once newborn is applying for her first job as a Mcdonald’s cashier on Monday (I wish). Seriously though, the family is good, and not much has changed except EVERYTHING.

Let’s start with the most important change; she’s SLEEPING ALL NIGHT LONG!!! Now, a lot of my hating friends are gonna tell me “just wait until she turns” (insert a slap to the face) I’m not trying to hear that right now lol. Let us enjoy a full night of not having to wake up every two hours. Secondly, she’s laughing like our jokes are the funnies thing since (insert your favorite comedian). That makes the sleepless nights worth it. Thirdly? She’s fallen in love with cartoons!!! Whit and I ate dinner at the table last night, and she watched “Fairly Oddparents” and was laughing her butt off. For those who know me, you understand why her love for cartoons is a MAJOR accomplishment! These are the most important changes I’ve noticed. However, that’s just me. Now that I have you updated, we can get to the thick of things.

“I’ve only got TWO hands and 24 hours to use them”

How am I supposed to watch t.v., play video games, drink beers, stay out late, go to work, love on my wife, change diapers, make a bottle, serve bottle, play with daughter, and then put her to sleep at the end of every night? Well, I haven’t figured that out, so I basically have cut out playing video games, staying out late, drinking (as many) beers. However, I picked up running an apparel company ( So, I basically just cancelled those three out. For real though, how can we do this every day, and not be considered super human? Anyone? I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately and advice giving to friends who are like “bruh, what’s it like having a kid?” it’s EXHAUSTING” I was printing my credit report, typing this, and had to stop to change the WORST poop to date. My life has become the picture of the person who has like 8 hands out of their body each designated to a different task. The funny thing is, my wife would look the exact same way. There’s no doubt that raising a family is a two person, 50/50 split, let me get a quick bath, while you try and put her down, maybe time for “adult wrestling” but seriously be quick job. It’s also the most rewarding job you’ll have for the level of exhaustion you experience; the ultimate hustle if you will.

As a father, we figure it out. As a mother, they figure it out. That’s just what we do. If we must sacrifice the personal time we had; we do it. If the only way to hang out with friends is to have something at the house, we put together a party and make our daughter the center of attention! We can only make the most of the time that we have in between working and raising a family, so yea, you’ve only got two hands, there’s only 24 hours in a day; how are you making the most of it?

I gotta go, my wife just made a very vague statement about being hungry, so that means within the next day we’ll decide on where she wants to eat…even though she said “I don’t care”.