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Close to four o’clock my life changed for the second time. I haven’t written in what seems like forever, but I honestly think it was because I feared my emotions. I’ll admit, this is one of two entries that I wrote. The other entry had to do with bringing a boy into this world, how that made me feel knowing my last name continued, and how I felt at that present moment! HOWEVER…

Baby Girl #2 is fine by me!

The name doesn’t continue, but grooming strong independent women does. Parker will be a great example for our daughter! Mom will continue to be a force, and a hell of a benchmark for our girls to follow. Dad will show them what unconditional love from a man will look like. Daddy issues are two words that will never sit side-by-side when it comes to our two. We will raise them to demand respect from everyone one as long as that same respect is given. No ceiling will be able to contain them, and no goal is out of reach.

As a man, you want your son to grow up to be better than you. It’s the same for girls. I’ll teach her to look out for the signs, you can’t always fix someone who is broken, and it’s not your job to figure out how. I’ll teach her to be comfortable in her skin. I’ll teach her that no matter what happens, I’ll be there to support her. It’ll be easier with girl number two because the unknown doesn’t exist as much mentally. Sure, I’ll start over from scratch, but at least I know to wipe front to back now! that’s a HUGE BONUS!!

This post isn’t going to be too long because it’s more of a continuation of what we’re doing with Parker. Our second daughter will get everything our first got (literally, we have bags of clothes waiting for her in her room) but she’ll also become her own person, full of life, love, and a personality I can only hope she inherits from the both of us. The name may be gone after they say, “I do” but the spirit will last forever!

Welcome home baby girl. Mommy, Parker, Lucy, Bella, and Daddy can’t wait to meet you!


Forever Outnumbered