What they don't tell you...


It's time Mama takes over the blog for a second. Why? Because Rich Dad Society isn't just for dads. It's for moms too. Sure, a dad started it... but a mom is right by his side cheering him on and wearing the product. Why? Because I have many male influences in my life and they are meant to be celebrated. (Rich Mom Society does have a nice ring to it though!)

To the point...

Everyone tells you to kiss your sleep goodbye. We got it, got the award, wrote home about it (or on our blog that is), and we are LIVING IT. What they don't tell you is how HARD being a mom is. Even with my medical background (which I feel makes me worry more because the ER nurse will not stop thinking what could happen) I still feel sometimes that I don't have a CLUE how to raise a child. My husband keeps reminding me, "other people with less resources and no support system do this, so can we". It's true. However; it doesn't make it any easier when it's happening in real life.

My husband was lucky enough to spend seven weeks with our little family once Parker was born. This was HUGE! It really was the best thing. Not only did I have a c-section, but I had to have an additional major surgery when our child was a month old. My husband has been everything: housekeeper, mailman, businessman, nurse, nurse tech, assistant, carpenter, father, grocery shopper, laundry man, manager, and really anything you can think of that needed to be done during these seven weeks. He's a Godsend. (I love you boo!)

NEWSFLASH... He went back to work on Wednesday. My calls for more water, a bottle, a blanket, a nap all go unanswered until approximately 7:30pm. (my mom is a HUGE help, thank you momma!) All I can think of is, "no one told me it would be this hard". Is it because moms want to put up a front? Do they keep the feelings on the inside because they don't want to let anyone down? Do they keep quiet because society says you have to be all that AND a bag of chips? I'm going to go with yes. Society makes you feel guilty if you take time for yourself, ask for help, or say that being a mom is anything less than hard.

NEWSFLASH... Being a mom IS hard.

There will be tears, and lots of them. There will be times you need to hand the baby off, go get in the bubble bath (my fave) and cry (current situation- you know you've been soaking in here too long when the husband calls to check on you) There will be times you need a date night, girls night, or a vacation (I'm not QUITE ready for that yet), or a good book and a glass of wine. There will be times that your baby is crying and you don't know what to do! You don't know everything, and neither does the mom next to you. Not even your own mom knows everything! (Sorry mom)  I asked my mom what in the world she did before Google, in which she replied, "we did fine".

Then there are smiles from the baby that do make it worth it. It really does. Then you don't get a nap, get peed on, have a gassy/fussy baby, a messy house, laundry to be done, didn't eat breakfast until eleven, showered around noon, still in my PJs til noon, nothing fits anymore, forgot to fix dinner, can't wait for husband to get home kind of day and it's easy to forget that you are raising a CHILD! A whole child. It's not going to be easy, it's going to be HARD.

Moms- we have to stick together. When someone asks how you are- tell them! If someone tells you what an overwhelming day they had as a mom- help them! We are in this together. We are here to lift each other up, not tear each other down. This isn't a competition of who's the busiest, fastest, or most put together mom! We are raising the new generation. We have a BIG job, and we will make mistakes! We can't do it alone. We need dads, moms, grandpas, grandmas, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, friends, and even neighbors to help us out. It takes a village. My husband and I have an awesome village and we still get overwhelmed!

No one is asking us to be super mom. No one is expecting us to have a clean house, trimmed yard, laundry done, beds made, AND a healthy baby. We will have good days and bad days. On the good days- treat yourself. On the bad days- treat yourself. You're a MOM! You're raising a WHOLE CHILD! Remember those sweet moments you had with your child today, not if you got everything done on your list. The list will be there, but you blink your eyes and your baby has grown another inch. Now get out there and conquer the world... just kidding. Go take a bubble bath, get a good book, and drink a glass of wine. You deserve it.

Being a mom is.....you get the picture, but you're doing fine.

-Mama Bear

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