What's your motivation?

Generally, I use this as a place to talk about the struggles of fatherhood. In all honestly, being a dad at this stage isn’t too hard. It’s the waiting that’s driving me crazy. I want to know what’s going on inside her little head more than anything. Does she understand what I’m saying to her? I know she knows when I’m happy because she cracks that same smirk I give her mom when I glance over at her from time to time and think, “I’m a pretty lucky SOB”. But when can I get some words? I need a legit “dada” pretty soon. Her eyes tell me that she couldn’t be happier around her family, but I can’t wait for her to say out loud, I love you too daddy”. Oh well, here’s to waiting for another year lol.

Any who, that wasn’t today’s topic of discussion. As most of you know. I started the blog as an afterthought to creating Rich Dad Society. I wanted to create some sort of legacy for Parker, but also wanted a way to say thanks to the man who raised me as his own. Until Parker came along, I didn’t know what sacrifice was. Changing your whole routine to make sure the kids came first, and whatever you could get after that was looked at as a win! I don’t know what Dennis’ motivation was for raising two kids that weren’t his own. Maybe it was my mom, maybe he saw two little boys needed a man in their life, or maybe she offered us up as a package deal! I don’t know why he did it, but I thank him, and without that, I wouldn’t have grown up to be an awesome big brother to my little sisters. It’s a win win situation! I’m getting off topic. MOTIVATION. For me, it’s simple. I want to be the best father I can be. The best husband I can be. It’s hard more often than not, simply because of the amount of pressure we put on ourselves to be perfect. But, here’s the secret……no one is perfect! My daughter will never know when I took too long to feed her, she won’t know that her mom left the car seat in her car, and we couldn’t leave the house, she won’t know that we stayed up all night with her because she couldn’t sleep. She’ll only know that mommy and daddy did whatever they needed to make sure she was provided for. I’m not motivated by money like I use to be. Fancy things are just “THINGS” at the end of the day. We can acquire so many things that we wouldn’t know what to do.

So I ask, what motivates you to be a better person? Is it the look your wife gives you telling you she’s proud of the man she married? Is it the giggle your child gives you when you stare deeply into their eyes? Is it knowing that you can provide a life that you were “deprived” of growing up? What keeps you going? I’m all over the place with this blog, but here’s what you should take away from it. Find something/someone that makes you want to get up and do better EVERY DAY. My daughter and wife is that to me. Rich Dad Society is something that I created for her to be proud of when she’s 25 years old and this company has blossomed into a GIANT. She can say, and my father can say, “He did that for me!” I can be proud of that. I can lay down at night and know what my purpose is. I can wake up and know what I’m trying to accomplish. To my motivations (Parker, Whitney, and Dennis) thank you for giving me a reason to work harder each day.