You're My Best Friend



Now that the dust has settled at the Huddleston home, we can get back to our regularly scheduled writings.

As I was up doing the standard 2:30 feeding of baby Viv, it dawned on me that this was really the only time I got to share with her; completely uninterrupted, and without any guilt. It took me back to when it was just Whitney, Parker, and myself. It was the same recliner, same darkness, same way of bonding, same realization. I wrote about it in one of the earliest writings (you should read it). Here’s what’s different though, as soon as 6am hits, one daughter can’t have all my attention anymore, and it weighs on me just a bit. Sure, we have a plan of making sure Parker is getting one on one attention, and that seems to be working, but does she see how hard we’re trying? Does she know each day Mommy and Daddy talk about how do we make sure Parker is included in the day to day activities of Viv? She’s a smart kid, but let’s face it…. She’s still just a two-year-old who just had her world rocked right? Here’s a few things we’ve done to give her one on one attention:

  • Lunch at the Park

  • Trips to Paradise Park

  • Helps “mow the lawn”

  • Mornings/afternoons at Grandma’s

  • Ice cream all the time (that’s more so for me)

  • Dance parties in the living room (also more so for me)

  • All store runs

  • Playtime in her room

  • Playtime in the back yard

  • Feeding the dogs

  • Throwing away Viv’s diapers

  • Picking out Viv’s clothes

  • Checking on Viv in her crib

As you can see, the list is extensive, and from the looks of it, this is all helping. Personally though, I think none of that matters if she doesn’t hear these four words throughout the day;

“You’re My Best Friend”

It comes after every “I Love You”, it comes after any type of discipline, and it comes at the most random of times! She may not understand all that we’re doing to make her feel like she’s still the center of our world, but she knows the power behind the word “Best Friend”. She knows that Best mean important, she knows best means happy, she knows best means better than good. Most importantly, she knows Best Friend means SPECIAL!

I think this helps with some of the guilt I feel having to tell her, “not right now, I’m feeding Viv” or “wait until Viv is sleep”. We must put her on pause for a minute; and it’s truly heartbreaking for me (huge softy over here). But, as soon as Viv is done, it’s back to the Parker show, and I’ve got a front row ticket! Everyone says how hard of a transition it is for the kids to accept a new child into the home, but I think they often forget for some of us, we’re trying to figure out how we can share our love too. Luckily for me, I’ve still got a lifetime to figure it out.

Any who, besides my wife, Parker truly is my best friend; even when she gets a little “tacky” as her mom calls it. Even when she tells me that I’m not HER best friend, I say, “That’s okay, you’re still my best friend”. Best friends take care of you, they’re there for encouragement, your voice of reason, help you get in & out of trouble, but most importantly, they’re consistent. So, yea… one of my best friends is a 2 ½ year old curly hair, sassy momma who knows the rap verse to “Baby” by Justin Bieber, Wanna fight about it?!

Oh, she also has 2 monies, and with that, she thinks she can buy anything that she wants!

Here’s a link discussing ways to deal with the “Terrible Twos”. I’m sure all the help available is welcomed!